shopaholic a narcissist?

United States
October 9, 2011 6:05pm CST
Do you think that a shopaholic is a narcissist with bags of packages? There are some people who classify the one disorder as symptomatic of the other. Or are shopaholics simply addicts who spend money where another would scarf up a burger or a third would put a needle in the arm. Narcissists do not care about the feelings of others. So long as their needs for self gratified, the narcissist can attempt to pretend a fellow feeling or empathy for their fellow man. However, should that fellow step on that pretty, pretty mirror watch out! An extreme, pathological case of this order is Kim Jong Il. He sits and watches Daffy Duck while his countrymen starve. Other addicts, such as the shopper can go to extremes too. For example, there was a case a long time ago where a woman sold a child to get her shopping fix. Burger scarfers can end up weighing 800 pounds. Drug addict's extreme behaviour is all over the news. To muddy the waters nicely, disorders can merge into one another. Compulsive shoppers can be drug addicts as well as having eating issues, be it over or under eating. What to make of this pretty mess?
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