Scope for journalist

October 11, 2011 4:01am CST
There are scopes for on line writers, but is there any scope for journalists (CJ)? Well, citizen journalism is gaining popularity, however, most of the CJ sites do not pay at all or pay insignificant amount. If anyone of you have any idea relating to sites for journalists, please mention in your response. Take care.
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11 Oct 11
Virtually ALL online writing is CJ: you're a citizen and you're publishing ergo you're a citizen journalist. It just depends on how you look at it. As for sites for specifically CJ work, what subject(s) do you mean? Most of the serious online content is separated into specialist sites these days, so you need to target your subjects rather than just "CJ". Prices... ah, now there's the thorny question. What do you consider "insignificant amounts"? Online journalism (whether you mean content creation or actual professional journalism) has no standard rate of pay - rates run from a few dollars for a 1,000-word article to over a thousand dollars for the same. It just depends who you're writing for.