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@eseulhan (199)
October 12, 2011 2:55am CST
our society makes me sick and i fear for everybody. Life is beautiful and beauty doesnt come in shapes, sizes, nationalities and sexualitites. Who are we to ever judge someone when our hands arent clean ar all. Beauty is everywhere - open your eyes. Make love and a greater world not WAR.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
12 Oct 11
if it comes to what you write nearly every society makes me sick. Most people say that too but if it comes to it they find themselves way better as those who think, believe or live in an other way as they do. Seems to be nature to fight and make wars. I say make wars since there is no reason to fight in a war anymore. One part of the people decides to start a war, a big group (cattle) is following the leader and believes everything that is told (which mostly is: they are the enemy the will threat us if we don't ..). But also on a smaller scale people are like that. Look at schoolyard, on the streets, parties, in church, so many people are far of tolerant they love to gossip and break others down. The only way to escape from that is stay as much alone as you can, keep your ears closed and not believe everything that is told to you. No matter if it's a famours person, doctor or whatever. Which I try to do and it works fine many times.