Is it more important to be happy or make others happy?

October 12, 2011 7:32am CST
I believe that if you go too far either way you will end up being selfish, thinking about only your own happiness, or be a doormat where everyone takes you for granted. There has to be a happy medium. Or can you be happy by making others happy?
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@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
26 Oct 11
I wis to be happy.. but i think when i am happy others can be happy too.. especially my loved ones. :D
@koneho12 (165)
• Philippines
26 Oct 11
First things first, I would rather say that it is important for me to be happy first and then make other people happy. Because you may not be able to do things willingly to make other people happy if your are not happy on the first place.
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
Yes, I believe that when you do something which causes happiness to other people you get the reward of being self contented and being happy yourself. There are times when we can't help but be selfish but when we are aware of our actions, I believe we already took one step to making ourselves better :)
@Bluedoll (17052)
• Canada
18 Oct 11
I say that. I know you can't make everyone happy so you might as well make yourself happy. Can anyone be truly happy? Maybe it something like happier and allowing it to be spread around. As far as punishing yourself or allowing yourself to be used well we all do that or do it to someone else, guess it is all about knowing when enough is enough, maybe.
@glowin100 (124)
17 Oct 11
I think both is important when you can do it. glowin100
@agent807 (724)
• United States
15 Oct 11
I used to think that in order happiness to occur for me, I would have to make someone else happy. Well, life sometimes hit you with hard, brtual lessons. And the lesson that I got from it was that at first I was happy with making someone else happy, but I learned that it was a tool to hide pain inside. I wasn't happy, and it was almost a drag to make others happy. I wasn't receiving the same treatment. At this point I was reeling from those blows while I was dealing with other personal problems, and quickly learned that the first person that I need to take care of first is myself. I believe it is possible to make others happy, but you have to start with yourself, otherwise, you will end up filling yourself up with depression, pain, regrets, and other bouts of negativity.
@Hazelme (649)
• United States
15 Oct 11
I tend to make myself happy and people happy, the way i try to be happy is by focusing on me and people too, there helpful tips and advice that help me be happy, you can see them in here They give you a big list and i practice some of them. :)
• India
14 Oct 11
Dany you are a mother, you would have already started doing things that you might have never even dreamt of , now for your kid. All odd hours of sleeping, all cleaning and clearing up . Once she grows up there is gonna be more but you are going to love everything.There is nothign like making the ones whom you love happy . When they express their happiness or surprise that you actually did it would make you happy and proud. But then again , it depends on the person and not a general rule that making the world around you happy makes you happy. Listening to heartfelt "Thanks" can melt us. [:)]
@samafayla33 (1857)
• United States
13 Oct 11
Collaboration is definitely the best way to go, If you can make yourself happy and make others happy at the same time, then you should try that