Any blog owners here to help me?

@Dassodils (2013)
October 14, 2011 10:07am CST
Hello there, I am in writing field for the last 2 years. I have started a new website. But I am using .in domain (low cost) and free hosting. Now my aim is to bring it to a .com (top level domain) domain with paid hosting. After that i want to post contents regularly. Also I want to know the tips to make my blog perfect. Can anybody help me? Also let me know how can I bring more visitors. Really hoping for your valuable replies. Thanks in advance
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14 Oct 11
Good way to start: later on you can just point the .com domain name at the .in address and people won't see the difference. A "perfect" blog is one which (in my opinion) has a specific focus, is informative and is regularly updated. It doesn't have to be every day, just regular. Your best bet for tips on pro blogging is ProBlogger - lots and lots of very good info on there, especially the 31DBBB course (which was originally free but now costs a little, I think). Traffic's always the big question. There's a series of posts on my blog with 49 ways to get extra hits (all but one of which are free). It's a popular subject, so a simple search should produce a lot of similar articles all over the web. Do a bit of SEO, write good titles and be interesting: that's the best advice. Good luck!
@Dassodils (2013)
• India
14 Oct 11
Thanks for your comment and I will follow your words. ;-)
@aerous (13475)
• Philippines
14 Oct 11
Well, if you really in writing in about 2 years. I think you are now professional in that field and need some helpful tips on how monetize your blog. I have my own website blog also which I purchase a lower cost domain. This is not dot com but I contented about it. Because getting a domain like dot com is hard to match the name of the website we want. So I preferred one that suitable to the name which I like... There is no perfect things in blogging. Just you need is a constant posting and original articles coming from you. Then promote it to get more visitors to your blog so that you can monetize your blog and make some money into it... If you want more tips to increase visitors to your blog. I suggest you to visit my profile I put a good website there for you to start and learn basic seo and everything...
@elkanwa (625)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 11
I have a blog and run it with wordpress, I got my dotcom domain for free from my webhosting, if you interested you can check out my profile. Other than that i suggest to buy from popular registrar like godaddy or namecheap. Also check for coupon code, they ussually gave some promo price for new TLD registration. I got another dotcom domain for just 2 dollar via namecheap few weeks ago.