Why people don't like political ads

United States
October 16, 2011 8:41am CST
The republican controlled government in Ohio has passed a bill to end collective bargaining of public workers, and stop all pay raises (of course the people that voted for this bill are EXEMPT from the limit their pay portion seeing how our elected officials need their 3% a year raise). The people of this state didn't like that, and they INSULTED the republican government by forcing them to put it up for a vote in November. Now they have created political groups to run ads to support this bill, but they are anything but true. In one ad they used a republican operative playing a teacher supporting the legislation, the problem is he has close ties to the governor (which he doesn't disclose in the ad), and he claims that he would be part of a "steering committee" on merit pay if the bill becomes state law (thus, he would benefit directly from this). In another ad they took an pro union commercial, and manipulated it to show someone who is against this bill, as if she supported it. This has brought outrage through out the state, and many are calling for stronger disclosure laws to people know exactly who if funding these ads. Our morally corrupt governor John Kasich (former board member of Lehman Brothers when they went under, and a man that attacked bailouts, but wants the government to write a $2 BILLION dollar check to an Ohio company that NO bank will), when asked about this ad stated: “what they’re doing is fine.” Of course the person that would investigate this is a REPUBLICAN, so we all know that investigation would go NOWHERE!!!! If this anti-union bill is needed as much as what republicans say, then why do they have to manipulate voters into voting for it? Do you think that people should know who pays for these ads, and if people in the ad are being honest? http://washingtonindependent.com/113566/tv-stations-drop-misleading-ad-by-group-pushing-ohio-anti-union-bill http://www.americanindependent.com/197711/ohio-anti-union-ad-features-teacher-whos-also-wannabe-political-operative
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