Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

October 18, 2011 2:09pm CST
according to me health care is solution to the problem being forced by the govt. hospitals.commercialization of health care doesn't mean that govt.have no role to play.after commercialization the funds which are presently being allotted to ministry of health for upliftment of health care can be utilised as a subsidy to the poor peoples all over the world... according to my view commercialization results in two ways:- 1. Rapid development in medical field 2. Increase in the medical expenditure
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@lampar (7597)
• United States
20 Oct 11
Usually commercialization of health care will drive the cost skyroketing due to better quality of care providers in the private sector can deliver and the profit driven goal of corporation provided that services, the commercialization of health care always come with pro and con, it will become more expensive for average health care seekers, while the quality of care will rise if enough competition can be generated inside the market. Good or bad is hard to measure and gauge without knowing the full details of the plan; unless we know the many factors that are going to be play out in the market and the type of regulatory mechanism government is willing to put in place in the case of out of control cost begin to set in. But one thing is for sure, in order to have a higher quality of health care, the present cost will rise without a doubt. On the other hand, a higher cost come after the commercialization ofhealth care will not always guarantee a better health care system will take root among private providers. Many complex factors will inevitably influent the expenditure of the health care for the people which need lengthy analysis before one can conclude in definitive term.
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
18 Oct 11
First of all: many people have a hard time to pay for a health insurance. This is the same for people in my country although the government is forcing them to get a healt insurance even if you don't need one. If you are sick you still have to pay the first few hundreds of euro yourself next to what you have to pay every month. No matter if you have the money for this or not. Also the insurance is not paying for everything. There are medical treatments and medication you have to pay yourself. The full price. Next to this we also already give a lot of money for all kind of health investigations, medication developments and tests. There are so many specialist companies who are collecting money or get money from the government (the tax we pay). If something shoking happens we pay again, give extra. Even if we can't pay for our own hospital or doctor bill And now you want us, who already pay in at least 4-5 different ways for health care pay extra again for those who can't pay? Then I have a question for you: who will pay my health insurances and those of my kids if I can't pay for it? Who will pay my hospital and the doctor's bill? I can tell you nobody will, no fund will. If it comes to that my only choice is not to visit a doctor again. Then I only need to pay for my insurance every month but at least I have no extra bills. I think the governments already spend (or should I say waste) money to all kind of funds. Rapid development in medical fiels is utopia. The medical field is reigned by the goverment and multi nationals. For them there is no need to hurry. We have over population anyway.