Meditation helps us to know the character of other people.

By Arya
@arya007 (306)
Tirupathi, India
October 20, 2011 9:47am CST
having good knowledge about meditation A person can know the other person's character. What do you think about this?
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@vijayanths (7878)
• India
20 Oct 11
Hi, arya, it depends on the quality of meditation you do. You can do all wonders with meditation. You can even cure a cancer patient or destroy the whole world with the power of meditation. That's my opinion though.
@arya007 (306)
• Tirupathi, India
20 Oct 11
How is it possible to cure cancer.
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
I think it's not through meditation. If one has the ability to see a person's aura, or one has a developed third eye or clairvoyance, then this is possible.
• Philippines
21 Oct 11
not sure about that. a person is unique, and i remembered a discussion when i was in college, there are these 4 windows each person has. i forgot the name of the founder though (Johannes windows,not sure) but it goes like this: a person 1) knows about own self 2) don't know about self 3) people know about that person 4) self and people don't know about self. so however you know yourselt or that other person there is still a blind spot about who this person really is. what i learned about life is that, every person has his/her own secret. according to Dr. House, "everybody lies!".LOL
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
20 Oct 11
I never heard about that and it would be nice if you explain what exactly you mean. The only way to get to know someone is to observe that person (the way someone is acting, living, dressing, eating, speaking tells you a lot), have an open view, ask questions and listen to the answer (or answers since there are people who tell you each time something different).