What Shall We Say About Gaddafi

@srjac0902 (1170)
October 20, 2011 12:28pm CST
Today The News Headline quotes like this "Libya's National Transitional Council has confirmed that fighters have shot Colonel Gaddafi dead in Sirte, finally ending the tyrant's 42 year reign over Libya......" A moment that is interesting to watch the human reaction. It is said the one who engeges himself with violence will end up with violence. Today many may show a sign of relief. But are we sure that with Gaddaffi's death the violence or the tyronic dictatorship will end up today? The human history has always recorded the presence of tyrants and the traumatic suffering of the humanity. Gaddafi died a violent death. Many may say that he deserves it. But the essence of human greatness may be in tear today to witness the tragedy that man provokes to his own fellowmen.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
20 Oct 11
We should say nothing about Gaddafi. It's not interesting and it's a waste of time to spend more time and energy and words on him. More interesting is what will happen to the people. After so many years under his ... the people do complain but to be honest I don't think they are ready for democracy and the new leader will be a kind of copy of the man Gaddafi was, Perhaps not now but sooner or later. Why? Because out of these countries do come people who follow the leader, are most terroristic (= believeing the leader) and they never learned to really think ánd act for themselves. It will be a very very long road for them to have their freedom and to understand it's value, if they will ever be able to understand that. Since human rights and same rights for men and women is already not priority number one. A tyran you can only be in some kind of countries between a special kind of people. So don't let us talk about what once was but how it has to go one. Let's hope they will make a great free country out of it and all these (civil) wars were not fought to welcome the next tyran. Let's hope all those people did not die for nothing.
@koperty3 (1877)
20 Oct 11
Well I would say that Hell today is pleased to receive such gift. I hope this man will rot there! The question is what will happen now in Libya? Islam extremism? Or democracy? We will see.