Worst book ever

@JosephP (1118)
October 22, 2011 1:34pm CST
Many books have been written, some better than others. Every once in a while there is a book that blows our mind by how horrible it is. Have you had such an experience? What book was it?
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@akmyers (22)
22 Dec 11
A friend recommended this book by stating that it had changed her life. I made it to page seven and gave it back. All apologies to those who liked "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield.
@marguicha (102115)
• Chile
2 Nov 11
Several times I have gone on vacations with a friend. She always bring a book by Barbara Cartland and I´m so dumb I try to read it. They are the worst books ever written and I have read bad books (specially in vacations, taken fron libraries some hotels have with books that guests leave).
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
31 Oct 11
I read a lot, and I don't enjoy all of the books that I read. I especially remember two books that I didn't enjoy. One of them was a book that I found annoying because of the writing style. The author used no punctuation and no paragraphs or chapters at all and it was hard to understand the sentences, because I wasn't sure where one sentence ended and the next one started. It was actually a good story, but the complete lack of punctuation made it hard to understand and it ruined the book for me. Another book that I didn't enjoy was a book written by a Danish author. The story was full of hints about something tragic that happened and I got more and more curious as I read the book. I thought that the author was going to reveal the missing part of the stort in the end of book, but I was wrong. The book and I never got an explanation.
@Liliac26 (558)
• Romania
25 Oct 11
I forget the title, but it was a book that wanted to be very postmodern and was made up of fragments, which to my mind had not much to do with each other (it was a novel). I remember that I managed to get through the whole thing (it wasn't very long) but I didn't even understand what it was all about about. I think the author was male and Hungarian, but I blanked out any other information about him and the book. I love meaningful, complex books, but I still think they should have at least some semblance of an understandable plot. Otherwise, they're not literature to me.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
25 Oct 11
I am not a good judge on book writing, but so far, I haven't seen any book that is the worst of my critics. Maybe I am not a good critic, and I am so fond of every book I had read. So, if you want to ask me, I really don't know the answer to it.
23 Oct 11
I've read two like that (which I remember): one was the book of the Robocop film, which was absolutely awful. And the other I won't name because, ummm, my brother wrote it. Great story but he really needed an editor.
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
22 Oct 11
It is a book of world history, because the secrets to all of our mythical questions is being answered on that book.... just like what Socrates said.... History speaks the truth and we must ignore traditional beliefs, so we can face forward.... for example: History tells that from the beginning of time until now, there is no captured witches and proven... so why some people still believing on witches even thou no evidences and already passed 2011 years? Do we look for even 1 evidence until reaching 2012 but still can't find just 1 evidence?
• United States
22 Oct 11
I remember I read A Bend in the Road once by Nicolas Sparks. I figured it would be pretty good seeing as he's so famous and there are so many movies based on his books. Boy, was I wrong. That book was terrible. I was amazed they published it. The writing was so childish and predictable and repetitive. There was hardly any variation in sentences and the characters weren't very well-developed. The dialogue wasn't very realistic either. There wasn't much good about that book. It was basically a story that could have been told in one page stretched out over 300. It was a colossal waste of my time.
• United States
22 Oct 11
I had to do a report on a science fiction once in high school. It was so stupid that I didn't even read the whole thing. The teacher I did it for was a biology teacher, so as long as I could answer the questions I was fine. I think I read the first two chapters to give it a chance, two or three random chapters in the middle, then the last two chapters. I don't remember the name of it, but it was something about two boys finding a time machine. I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but the way Interview with a Vampire was written, with all of those quotation marks, just annoyed me so much that I never got past the first chapter.