October 22, 2011 11:01pm CST
next year maybe me and my boyfriend will be separated he will work in a different place. and i will study far from him. i am always worried about how our relationship would end up. i have a difficulty of trusting somebody. he is always honest to me. and he is really great. but i am scared that it will change if we are going to be away from eAch other.. then this would greatly affect me and my studies.. i have seen my friends failed with their long distance relationships and even in movies where the guy misses affection from his partner then draws his attention to somebody else.. it just made me paranoid!..
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
I think it will depend on the couple on how they will handle the long distance relationship. Most of the advice that i hear from the couple under long distance relationship,they said couple must have a trust to his/her partner and don't let the day past without a phone call or text message. Don't make your partner feel that he/she is being forgotten.
@junmae (1592)
• Philippines
27 Oct 11
It's really hard to be involve in a long distance relationship. But I had friends who had successful relationship though their partner is million miles away. It's really normal to be paranoid because you cannot see what he is doing there. Faith is really important in the relationship. However, most men really are weak when it comes to lust. If that so, I think you should be better to call it off.
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
25 Oct 11
It depends. If you have been with your boyfriend quite a long time, and are very close, I think your relationship may survive a long distance. How long will you be apart? I have known of couples who had to be apart and became even closer as a result. Just try to keep in contact regularly and pass on loving messges. For wanting to meet for the first time, I dont think long distan works. I am on an online dating site, and I knew people who try to meet others from other states and I don't think that works. It is very difficult to develop relationship f you live far apart.
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
Well,it depends .true love will not sepate each other if the person is truly loves you.. Still will work,keeping promises,and honest,never cheat..And if you and him is for each other,will surely work each other relationship no matter what happen and either far from place or not..