Why gambling?

October 23, 2011 8:03am CST
As I have said our Diwali celebrations will start from 24th October, starting with observation of ‘Dhanteras’. The word ‘Dhan’ means money or wealth in English and the word ‘Teras’ signifies the thirteenth day of the month Kartik. It is said that on this day, it is very auspicious to purchase gold or silver articles or at least one or two new utensils, TV, furniture etc. Some will buy on the next day too. It is believed that new ‘wealth’ or some form of precious metal is a sign of good luck. I feel sad to share that, many have started gambling since a week, probably to buy new articles, gold, silver etc. Last night police raided in one such group, they were busy gambling under a tree, many were drunk. It is not only the poor that gamble but also the very rich, might be a kind of show to exhibit wealth? I have never gambled and even I don’t know how to play cards!!! [b]Do you have any such tradition, festival there? Do you ever participate in gambling in any form? Please share your views and comment on this information.. Thanks in advance.[/b] Professor ‘Bhuwan’. . 23/10/2011
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@deliar (609)
• Indonesia
27 Oct 11
in my village.thre are so many festival,all over year. sometimes, i could see there are some people laying gambling in many form. but most of them playing card. i've never participated on this game. i think it was just waste my time and money.
@dorannmwin (36609)
• United States
26 Oct 11
While I don't gamble on a regular basis, it is something that I will do from time to time. I learned to play cards when I was a young girl because my father and his siblings used to play poker on a regular basis. So I've been to the casino boats that aren't too far away from here several times and I've also gone to the bingo parlor from time to time as well. However, I will never gamble if it means that I will have bills that I will not be able to pay.
@celticeagle (109435)
• Boise, Idaho
24 Oct 11
I don't think gambling is a good pasttime to start. Poor people spend their little and rich spend theirs and before you know it everyone is without and upset. I used to gamble on the lottery here but after a while there were too many people and no way for you to We don't have any gambling traditions here.
@paula27661 (15900)
• Australia
24 Oct 11
I am not a risk taker by nature so gambling is definitely not my thing. I do buy the occasional lottery ticket but that is the extent of my gambling! I know people who are addicted to the casino and slot machines and I know some whose lives have been severely damaged by this addiction. I don’t know if severe financial difficulties can lead one to take risks with money like that but I cannot say I am tempted...
• China
24 Oct 11
simplely to a word,gampling makes people feel excited,that's why they gambled
• United States
24 Oct 11
Hello Papa! Oh no I am not a risk taker and would never gamble especially for money. I am not lucky like that and would easily lose. There are people I have known offline who do gamble for fun and actually do win. Then there are those that outside of a hobby and or entertainment actually get addicted to gambling where they lose everything they have. Gambling is no different from any form of addiction and can really ruin a person. Glad to hear you are not that type of person and if you have never tried it, it is best not to. Life is too precious to have to overcome certain types of addictions. I am not much into gaming and that to me would seem like it so I have no interest in gambling. I have gone to a casino one time in my life and I put a couple nickels in a machine and a load of them came out and I said I quit. LOL see I am not a risk taker. Have a blessed week.
@jaiho2009 (38810)
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
dear dada, I don't know any tradition here in our country that has similarity with the one you wrote here. One common and famous tradition here is during New Year season. Most families displays round shape fruits on their table,believes to bring good luck and money. And no gambling, no spending of money on the first day of new year. hugs to you and maa dear pa
@umabharti (3978)
• India
23 Oct 11
These days the cost of Silver and Gold are not at reach ,there will be less purchases ,may be there is a slight down track on the silver and gift articles i dont say that it can give a good buy. Diwali is definetly a festival of lights and even we pray to lord laxmi on this festive occassion.Dhan means not the pratical or materialistic dhan ,we should ask for her the real dhan ,which is more precious to what we call as dhan.
@mayka123 (9549)
• India
23 Oct 11
I have never quite figured out this tradition of gambling during Diwali. The men in my inlaws family would also gamble with cards during Diwali. At times the ladies would also take part. But I would stay away from them and keep myself busy making their tea and snacks. I am not in favour of gambling in any form.