October 23, 2011 9:29pm CST
Why do people like so much that film? In my opinion its just a normal movie with lots of advertising. Leonardo Di Caprio has played in many films that are way better than the titanic
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24 Oct 11
I agree with the previous poster, Strawberry. It's not about some romance story, it's revolving around something that really happened in our history. Maybe in order to enjoy it more you would have to do some research on the Titanic and what actually happened. The movie wasn't amazing in my eyes either, I actually haven't been drawn in enough to watch the whole thing to be honest, but I know why people love it; And that's because it's based on such a traumatic event in our past.
• Greece
24 Oct 11
so you must see what i answered above :P
@palonghorn (5486)
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31 Mar 12
Any movie based on something that actually happened is going to be embellished in Hollywood. However there are many parts of the movie that do tell the stories of the people on board the ship when she sank. It took 3 years to build her, and only days to lose her. But from the movie you learn that there were not enough lifeboats for the number of passengers. You learn how one woman gave up her seat on a lifeboat to her maid, because she would not leave her husbands side (both true stories!) It is a very interesting story, of a ship, loves, and lose.