nikon d3100

October 28, 2011 9:12pm CST
Hi, I just bought a new Nikon D3100 DSLR, i'm learning how to use it each day, i'm just wondering if any one can tell me what kind of flash should i buy for flash photography? I also love to take pictures outdoors, just wnt to learn more on indoor with flash..
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@owlwings (39616)
• Cambridge, England
29 Oct 11
Although the D3100 has a built-in flash, you may want to control your lighting a bit more by having one or more flash units away from the camera. Even one flash positioned several feet to the right or left of the lens will give much better modelling than the camera's own flash. It doesn't really matter what flash you choose, so long as it can be triggered by the camera in some way. The traditional way of doing this is by a cable, which used to plug into a flash socket on older camera bodies but will probably now have an adaptor for the hot shoe. There are also units which can be triggered by the camera's own flash or by a wireless transmitter which attaches to the hot shoe. There are many websites which will give you a lot of information and hints and tips about using flash indoors and there are also whole books on the subject. Here are just two sites which a quick search found and which looked more helpful than most: I think that reading up about what you want to do and how best to achieve it will help you a great deal in deciding what equipment you need and may save you some expensive mistakes in the long run.
• Philippines
30 Oct 11
Thanks a lot owlings (11289) for sharing your knowledge and experience regarding the use of flash photography for Nikon D3100 as well as the links you shared. I now have a better idea on how to use flash photography, I really appreciate it. From the link you shared I will also experiment on indoor photography utilizing available light and adjustments in my camera. Again thanks very much.