Apple is Evil

Apple - Apple in latin means evil.
October 29, 2011 3:25am CST
I had read in a book that claims that apple is an evil fruit. Apple and evil in Latin has the same meaning. Share your views and opinions about it. For me, I love to eat apple just like what the saying goes: " An apple a day. keeps the doctor away."
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• Philippines
29 Oct 11
May be this idea you came across with was actually correlated with the biblical story of Adam and Eve. It was the forbidden fruit which was used by Satan to entice Eve to disobey God.
• United States
29 Oct 11
You, heaven_sent, are the first one to hit on the correlation between apples and evil. Yup, Eve gave Adam an apple and look what happened! They were forced out of the Garden of Eden and all sorts of bad stuff i.e. sin started happening, starting with one of their sons murdering his brother.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
29 Oct 11
I don't believe that apple is evil. God created it for food and to nourish our health so why believe it is evil. It can only be evil on man's doing and not for its natural purpose and cause.
@owlwings (39606)
• Cambridge, England
29 Oct 11
In fact the words for "apple" and "evil" in Latin are as different from each other as the word "wind" (meaning a flow of air) is different from "wind" (as in 'wind up a clock'). The difference is in the vowel. "Malus" (an apple) has a long 'a' like the vowel in 'father' and 'party'; "malus" (an adjective meaning 'bad' or 'evil' has a short 'a' like the vowel in 'fat', 'cat' and so on. Latin speakers would have had no difficulty distinguishing the two words and would never have confused them or thought them the same (any more than we confuse the two meanings of 'wind' when they are spoken). Some people have thought that the word for the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was translated as 'apple' because of the similarity (when written) of the words for 'evil' and 'apple' in Latin but this is probably not true. In the first place, the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was not, of itself, evil: it was merely forbidden. It is also true that, in many pre-Christian religions, the apple was also considered a magical fruit and one that conferred wisdom and, sometimes (depending on the religion) had dangerous and therefore evil properties, so it is quite possible that early translators of the Bible called the fruit an 'apple' because the symbolism would already have been familiar to the people whom the early Christians sought to convert. Another example of accidental punning which is sometimes used in Christian writings can be seen in the similarity in sound of the two words 'Sun' and 'Son'. In Latin, the two words are quite different ('Sol' and 'Filius') but in English they happen to sound the same and this has not gone unnoticed, especially when Jesus is sometimes called "The Light of the World".
• India
29 Oct 11
I do love Apple very much... I agree with you friend an apple a day keeps doctor away... I will eat apple everyday in the mid morning time. This helps me to make hungry faster than regular and make me ready for lunch...
@deliar (609)
• Indonesia
29 Oct 11
hahaha.. that is just something accidental. you know, apple have so many nutrition that our body need, it also have many antioxidant that really good for our body itself. so i think that is not an evil,but is one of gift of God.