Anger management and parenting

October 29, 2011 4:34am CST
I think i have a serious problem with anger management, tho i manage to control that wen im dealing with my daughter, i still failed to do so wen it comes to outsider.. I have large entourage that sometimes make me over onfident when i felt like i am being provoke or attack by someone else. I know it is not a good things for my daughter to see.. I read so many stuff to overcome this, but still there are situation where i just dont care, whc i find very bad. Yesterday there was this lady, she block my parking and she didnt even bother to say sorry after i talk to her nicely. I was with my daughter at that time. I end up going to her and tell her, if she is so stupid, dont know how to drive a car, she better not or she could end up getting a punch on her face for her stupidity.. Thinking back about it, i felt so regret i failed to control myself at that time and my daughter sees everything.. She didnt say anything about it, but i really felt bad bout it, of what a bad example that i show to my kid..
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@curmont (343)
• United States
29 Oct 11
I think as long as you are able to control your tone of voice even when confronting a outsider who has wronged you it is not only ok to express yourself but it can even be a good thing for your daughter to see you sticking up for your self. The key to controlling this type of behavior is to learn how to make people feel like crap without actually using any physical threats or foul language. I think if you figure out how to do this not only will it help improve your behavior in front of your daughter but you will also find it is quite fun.
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• Malaysia
1 Nov 11
Thank you for a good advise, i agree with you, i should learn not to u fouls language instead ;)
@riempie9 (1026)
• South Africa
9 Jun 12
You have written enough about your anger to make me believe that you need to go to anger management classes. These things are all stress related. Make a list of the things bothering you and try one by one to deal with your problems. It is the underlying force of your anger. When you start calling people stupid, even though they might really be stupid, you are bordering on being rude and should do something about your behavior.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
1 Nov 11
i too have problems regarding with other people. i have a long patience but sometimes there are situations where people really pops you bubble of patience. i learned the beauty of counting backwards. when someone who is acting like that i i feel like i want to go there and tell him/her i count backwards. its like a therapy that brings the anger down. sometimes my wife even counts with me for me to be reminded that i need to cool down. so far so good....
• India
29 Oct 11
Yeah you have to control your anger as there are chances of inspiring your daughter. Try to keep your self controlling through meditation. Or you can just see your smilling daughter's face when you are angry....