Does Goddess of Fertility Still Exists Today This Year?

Marikina, Philippines
November 4, 2011 3:21am CST
I read about a Christian religion that before they came, there are lots of Goddess from the past who worship by the people. One Goddess that I know is the Goddess of Fertility from Paganism. I know that Christian conquered Paganism because of what Jesus Christ taught about them. I was thinking. Does Goddess of Fertility still exists today? Not just only Goddess of Fertility, but Goddess Earth which equivalent to Mother earth and if they still exist today, what religion are they? Wiccan, Shintoism or what? Just curious and what does it teach about Goddess of Fertility.. well, I am just curious about "Goddess".
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@mantis36 (4238)
• Philippines
5 Nov 11
regarding to this topic, the first thing that comes unto my mind is the "sayaw sa Obando" (dance in Obando) to get pregnant if the couple cannot bear a child.... why not directly pray for our Lord God to grant us kids and why dance to Obando?
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
Before any other religion existed,Paganism is the first religion in the world.People tries to question their own existence,and tries to find a supreme being who created them.There have been too many goddess of fertility throughout history.I found a very interesting list of traditional goddesses on this link Some religions have associated fertility to gods and goddesses but I believe only one true God is giving us sons and daughters according to His will.
@hvedra (1623)
4 Nov 11
Paganism is an umbrella term for a lot of religions which can be quite diverse in who and what they worship. Some do have fertility Goddesses either a "Mother Goddess" or individual Goddesses with various names and a LOT of female deities are connected with fertility of one kind or another but so are a lot of male deities as well. There are a lot of pagans out there but if you also include the Goddesses connected to fertility that Hindus worship the number of people believing in various fertility Goddesses is quite large.