office mates who always interruting others

November 8, 2011 9:59pm CST
I have one office mate who always flying around everywhere when people still engage with their works. He is really annoying since he always ask to chatting while somebody else is busy..If he were come during break hours then no problem at all but he often come during starting of the day and peak busy hours..The problem is this guy has higher position and consider senior staff in our office then nobody will tell him the truth..Have you ever experienced or have someone like this in your office? What you usually do to make your office life better?
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• Philippines
9 Nov 11
Actually we have but this one is different. She is very noise and often very irretated when her mouth start to open. And when you have talk with somebody else then she has something to share also definitely she will enterupt you with her point of view which in fact we didnt ask her to response and she is not even involve with whom you have chatted with.
• Indonesia
9 Nov 11
yeah, I have seen this type of people in the office..They always want to know everything from A to Z..They will definetely interrupt others and sometimes we will try to avoid them, even when they starting to walk accross during our discussion.. Even worse, when they also like to talk about our friends and spreading rumours from one department to another..appreciate your fast response my friend
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
19 Aug 12
hi, i have a one office mate who annoying too but not flying everywhere,instead she always do chatting and also logging in in Facebook,even we have many paper works and need to my other office mate remove the internet connection in her computer so that she could not log in to Facebook or even to surf internet.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
21 Nov 11
In our case, we had a customer representative who had come over. He was always interrupting people as they work. So one of our employees was assigned to him as a buddy. So this guy would simply call this irritating person to his desk and ask this guy to speak while he would simply shut him out of his mind and keep doing his work. :) The trick worked the others at least could do their job till this guy left!! Cheers! Ram
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
15 Nov 11
Oh not in the current workplace i am. (I'm Glad!!) But i have experienced having this one person who loves to bother all those who are working. and we always see her so stressed out because she is always around the floor chatting, talking and whining about her tasks that she is not doing. when its almost 5PM, then she would cram and be hurrying and while doing her works she would be all talking still. ha. if she just did the things she is supposed to finish ahead of time she won't have to extend until about 9 in the evening!