Do you believe in destiny?

@vycess (1590)
Saudi Arabia
November 10, 2011 6:00am CST
Do you believe that your destiny is already been written but not yet done? something like that... Or is it much better to believe that we determine our own destiny?
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
19 Aug 12
hi, actually just a little bit only,because the truth is we are the one our self who will make our destiny in life,we can change our life even we dont depend in our destiny,we creates it,we make it in our own hands and will.
@bounce58 (17526)
• Canada
15 Nov 11
I think destiny is whatever you make out of it. I think that we have free will to pick and choose as we fit, at every decisions in life. And all these decisions is what makes your destiny. I don't think it's pre-determined, but I do believe that there are things that one is likely to fall into because of certain characteristics or attitudes in life.
@inertia4 (27688)
• United States
11 Nov 11
I think that destiny does exist. But I also believe that e play a part in that as well. We have control over our decisions and paths we take in life. But destiny is definitely real. I will also say this, even though destiny is real, and we might end up where destiny intended us to be, some of us do not wind up with what we either wanted or what destiny had in store for us. I think fate would describe this better.
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
10 Nov 11
I don't believe in a scenario which we must fulfill, because I don't see the purpose of it. What I believe is that we are given many options, many roads which we decide and we have our own will also, but I also believe that God is intervening in our lives, there are things which must happen, which we cannot avoid.
@ceasar09 (442)
• Philippines
10 Nov 11
I don't think that our destiny is already been written but not yet done but rather We make our own destiny. I can say that we make our destiny because If we do something good/bad in our life we really suffer the effects of it and this is our destiny in doing that thing. What If our destiny is written and says that we will be rich but we are not doing anything to make it happen but rather wait it until it happens but in reality it will never happen since we are lazy to build our own destiny. I believe that our dreams and motivation in doing things in our everyday life makes our destiny and its the reality for me. I do my best to achieve the destiny that has been written for me and its the result of all hardworks. =)
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
10 Nov 11
hello, Yes, I do believed in destiny, it is like written in a book. Ha ha it is funny because I used to believed it since I found my boyfriend and after all the experience we've been through. We never know what was our destiny and it is still possible to change it? but how do we know that we change our destiny that indicate on the book. Well, that's was our destiny.
@francesca5 (1344)
10 Nov 11
wow thats a big question vycess! for there to be such a thing as destiny there would have to be a power greater than ourselves in charge of our lives, which for most people would be god, therefore as i believe in god then i am happy with the concept of destiny, though whether we determine our own or it is written for us is a difficult one, as sometimes accidental things happen that create very important change, whereas changes i try to create myself don't work. but the only answer i can really give is i don't know. but i try to minimise risk by talking to god to see what he has in mind for me, just in case.
@rencarl (620)
• Philippines
10 Nov 11
hello there my friend. destiny, whether you consider it as a concept or an idea,is a longstanding debate over the years. but on my part, i do believe partly in destiny because as what you said, your life is predetermined. when you reach the point of encountering your fate, then you already have the power to alter your for example, if fate has destined you to meet your soulmate, then it is already predetermined. if you wish to marry your soulmate or not, then that is the time that i say that we are the ones creating our own destiny.