Gold and Khadafi

November 10, 2011 4:44pm CST
People have been treated horrendously by dictators for centuries and the united states and nations have let that slide, but when a country's dictator does a gesture to that would shift the balance of power in the world we act. Ghadafi(i will be spelling this name 9 different ways)wanted to change his currency from paper to gold a true sharing of wealth which would make american worth close to nothing because his country has a lot of gold. Long story short we supplied the people who wanted to kill him with guns. Man down!!! Saddam he wanted to trade oil for only euros two months later man down!!! Right or wrong i believe we should of killed them for different reasons which would have lead to their deaths decades ago , how about you?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
11 Nov 11
The United states and nations have let that slide? I beg your pardon? Is it not the responsibility of the people of a country to take care of themselves? They are the ones who accept their dictator and all the rules. If everybody would stand up against that, really wanted that change 1 person can never be a dictator. A dictator needs people to dictate, he needs followers. People who do believe what he is telling them, who love to have a leader and follow him, who needs someone who give them a "great" or "holy" goal to fight for. They don't care if they are fooled around because they don't use their own brains and are not open for what is happening in the rest of the world. The people of the country has to be ready for an other leader and personally I don't think that will happen now Khadafi is gone. It will take ages to teach those people to think for themselves, to stop fighting their holy wars, to understand what human rights but also female rights mean! This is an evolution the people of the country have to go through themselves. In 100 or 150 years we will see if they really changed. But I doubt it.