Do you realize today's date reads 11/11/11, how interesting is that?

November 10, 2011 9:39pm CST
Everyday brings its own gifts and challenges and surprises. I know today will not be any different.We need certainty and to grow more we need uncertainty, now how many of you agree? How do you react when you get a pleasant surprise and what do you do when Life throws up an unpleasant surprise or a challenge? Make this day a special day so that you can revisit it in your mind with pleasant memories.
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@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
11 Nov 11
i realized today iss 11/11/11. but it not special day for me. it is just a day ike others
• India
12 Nov 11
That's ok. Just another day.But if you care to look at some of the responses by people, organizations and govts one would think something extra ordinary is going on.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
11 Nov 11
I have heard it is supposed to be lucky so a lot of people are going off and getting married, it is suppsed to be good for those born on this day I hope nesxt year is lucky as well as that will have 12/12/12 and the 12/12 is my birthday so maybe next year will be lucky for me....
• Canada
11 Nov 11
I think it is very interesting, reason because, that date wont occur will another millennium. Unless of course, for the year 2111, they still consider it as "/11", who knows. In Canada, it would initiate Remembrance day weekend, the day where we remember all the sacrifices made in the World Wars in history. So it will be a special day no matter what in Canada. Cheers!