Which is the best B-School around the globe today?

@dd1988 (31)
November 11, 2011 2:07am CST
Hello guys. I am gonna have my applications put forth to the MBA colleges nest year. I am gonna have my count on CAT next week. After the result is out in the early January I am gonna apply to colleges. I have prepared well throughout the year. Hoping to garner a good percentile. Wish I could apply to foreign universities also. I am solely in quest of the best colleges for my MBA. And those colleges that offer good financial aids to the eligible students. What are your best picks? Can you pick some names for me?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
11 Nov 11
Why don't you search on the internet yourself a good student should be able to do so? You can search for what is important to you or for what a school will find important. Most schools do have a site esp. those who claim to be the best. Ever thought about the fact that a language difference and your lack of budged can be a problem or do you speak all the languages there are on the globe as well?
@dd1988 (31)
• India
12 Nov 11
Actually I always do search on the internet. And my institution and teachers always help to find the best college for their students. I have already decided which colleges to apply to. But then comes the question of budget. And not all colleges are providing good financial aids. So I am always looking for good suggestions. And for my efficiency in global languages.......LOL to that! I don't recognize anyone who knows all the languages available there. I only know english which is recognized in most of the colleges out there. Do you have an MBA?
• Netherlands
13 Nov 11
I still wonder what you call a good college. And what exactly you mean by "financial aids". I only know colleges where I have to pay and take care of myself. Needed an extra job to pay the fee, my health insurance etc etc. If this all payed for you means it's a good college to you I doubt if that is true. Good college to me means that you don't only learn old stuff, that the college is willing to develop, their way of thinking, use regular new methods and ideas. This can also mean that their are no classes giving in English language but in the language of the country itself. That is why I asked you if you speak all languages. Since the more languages you speak the bigger your choice is. I don't know how it works for foreign students but might be if you are very interesting to them and a great student they are willing to pay for you and you don't need much budget? or perhaps their are other ways to pay back that bill (for example working 1 year somewhere)? Great to hear your institution and teachers are helping out as well. If you already decided where to apply your question here is useless. Then it's better to aks which ways there are to get everything payed for you. I think that might be of a great help to you or?