How many of you still supporting your adult child?

United States
November 11, 2011 11:18pm CST
When the great recession hits the economy, many adults facing financial difficulties. the salary is shrinking; many full - time job reduced to part - time employment. The money just not much as before. Many adults like the age of 18 - 39, they probably moving back with their parents to cut the expenses in every aspect of their lives. Some parents still supporting their adult children somehow due to the job market. So, it just won't be that easy to kick them out there again, and find a decent job as you expected. So, how many of you still supporting your adult children?
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@Leocen (178)
• China
14 Nov 11
That's way too common in China.many parents of "20~30 year-old children" help to pay a large sum of money for their child's new wedding house.and even give them pocket money ... this is not because these "children" are too depended on their parents, it's also because the violent competance from society,esp in big cities. as long as the price of houses and food are increasingly high, the wages they got bcontinue to be this low, these children could never get away from their parents for help.Just like my older brother,a new weds, he just earns 3000RMB as an accountant, and 2000+ RMB should be paid by house monthly, how could he feed his coming child and his family? so he also rely on parents.i really hope oneday he could make his own family , the day won't be so long to wait/
@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
13 Nov 11
I am an adult but I am no longer supported by my parents. I have two sibling though who are older than me but they are still supported by my parents. On the contrary, I support my parents. I think it's the strong family ties that make us support who ever is having a hard time in their life. If not who would care for them if their family don't even care?
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
12 Nov 11
In some way I support all my kids one way or the other. I have to tell myself not to since those who are not living here anymore have a way better income as I am. I still have a 21 year old daughter living with me. School not finished yes, no job so I pay everything for her. She is not demanding interested in cloths or make up, going out, high cellphone bills and mostly on her room. Still it will be a problem if she finished school, a financial problem is she is not able to find a job. To be honest I give her less chance since she is very creative, animator and less jobs if it comes to that in this country. Also she is way too old = cost too much money if she is doing a job 14 years old can do as well (for less money). If we can't manage she has to leave and find a place or room herself and ask for social help or so. I still have other kids to take care of. But future will tell what is possible or what will happen.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
12 Nov 11
my mother is half body paralyze so me and my for siblings cheap in for the expenses. i am proud to say that even it is hard for all of us have our own families already we manage to sum up an amount every month for the expenses of our mother. lucky also that one of our brother lives in Europe and when he sends money and exchange it for our currency it is big. so that helps a lot. if the time come and my son needs to come back home of course i will accept him but i guess he needs to be responsible enough to cheap in with the expenses. we are a family we need to help each other.
@sunli123 (540)
• China
12 Nov 11
I don't know. I am still single and don't have kids at present. For me, I'm renting an apartment and working in a city near my hometown. I never asked money from my parents after graduation. Only in this June I borrowed a large sum of money from them, as my deposit was frozen at the bank but I need money urgently. I returned the money to them at the end of this August.