My best friend(s) now is my dog or my dogs!

November 12, 2011 8:57am CST
When I was in second grade I got bitten by a dog on my upper right knee and because of that experience, I never realized that the day will come that I will overcome that fear and frankly have a dog or rather have dogs who are now my best friends! Since last year November we have 4 new members of our family. They are our precious dogs. Their names are Chuck, Blaire, Kelly, and Hams. Never have I imagined the joy and comfort that I get from them! I guess it's a consolation that we got them mostly when they were still puppies. Since we got one, we kept on adding until there were four...Interestingly, my life seems to evolve around them now. Whenever I have to make long distance trips I am always eager to go home earlier than I would plan because I always imagine them. I know that it's a handful sometimes, but the thought that seeing them grow strong and healthy and as obedient as I can patiently train them to be, I am glad that I overcame the fear of dogs. How about you? If you own pets like dogs and cats, what are the joys that you find in them? Care to share?
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
12 Nov 11
Honestly, I don't have any pet in my house, and I am not intending to own one myself. Maybe someday I will. Personally, I have some fear about dogs too. I never got bitten by them, but looking them when they barking at you, with their ferocious expression, and those sharp teeth, I just grew fear, and never intend to be friendly to touch them. So, it might take some miracles to change my mind on those animals.
• Philippines
12 Nov 11
I understand how you feel. I thought the same that's why it took me several years to actually overcome the idea of being close to dogs especially after getting bitten. We definitely have to be cautious with barking dogs you can never be too sure with their temperament. And it would also not be advisable to get close to dogs too much if you fear them, other animals and especially dogs can sense how you feel and they can base their emotions on what they sense from you. It is not always good also to be overconfident even if you are okay with dogs, prevention is better than cure like they say. Take one step at a time in getting to know your desire of being close to animals especially with dogs, when they sense that you are safe and friendly to them and you also show less tense, they will get close to you and hopefully one day, they can also become your close friend!
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
15 Nov 11
I have a cat. She has been with me for over ten years now, and she is indeed a close friend. She takes care of the house when I am away, to work or traveling. On the days I go to work, she knows about what time I would be coming home, and there she would be at the front door when I open the door. She would then be so glad, and would start jumping around in the front room.
@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Nov 11
i have a kitten and she is really cute. I only had a puppy before so I did not know that kitten will give me so much joy. She is such a baby. I treat her like my baby, because she is acting like one. If she feels hungry, she will meow and run to her food so I can accompany her while eating. She is so cuddly and sweet.