seems u only make money here if the site likes what you say.

November 14, 2011 1:32am CST
the site is not as honest as they say on you earning this or that, because i have made comments with no monetary nothing, so therefore this site isnt what they say they are!! almost like ur being conned to come here with broken promises, attached...sad actually...
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@owlwings (39754)
• Cambridge, England
14 Nov 11
It seems that you have started three discussions (including this one) but haven't replied to the responses you got or taken part in any other discussions. Your profile says that you joined two days ago and, since earnings have so far only been updated to Saturday, 12 November, you will very likely not be seeing any earnings yet. You need to acquaint yourself with the way things work here and the best way to do that is to read the FAQs on "Earnings" and the Guidelines: Provided you follow the Guidelines and learn how best to use the site by always posting good quality posts, you will find that the site is rewarding and 100% reliable with regard to payments. Why would so many people have been here for five years already?
@marguicha (102115)
• Chile
14 Nov 11
Hi and welcome to mylot! Sorry for your experience, but it is due to your not having read the rules of the site. Besides, you have only posted 2 discussions. Answer discussions, comment on them with quality, participate and you will earn. But don´t expect to get rich in a second: this is a social site , not a place to get loads of money. I suggest you start first by reading the rules. Then asking more from people who have been here for a long time. You can see wich of us are seniors by the number on the side of our username. Comment. You´ll earn.
@scheng1 (24742)
• Singapore
14 Nov 11
Hi Justapoet, that is not true. You will earn only when your post is sufficiently long. That means those short post of one line or two practically earn nothing. Best is to make sure your post is at least five to six sentences long. Never try to game the system by posting those short "good post" or "Agree" post, since this does not contribute to the discussion.