How many of you Think that family matters in love marriage?

November 14, 2011 5:40am CST
I love a guy, we both want to marry each other but I was little bit confuse about his family’s atmosphere & beliefs. I belong to a moderate family but his family is narrow minded village based. I was thinking, Is I am able to coordinate with his family becoz I have to spend whole life with them. and now i am doing and spending my life with the person to whom i love what about you my dear friends
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
16 Nov 11
I would think that the issue of this differences in your way of thinking would come eventually when you decide to marry each other - and if you happen to live closeby his relatives; if you will not stay with his family and will start on your own - the better chance of you not having to encounter this problem. If you can actually stand being around people who almost always would find faults, or would contradict you, i think that would be too much stress to handle.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
15 Nov 11
I think for many it matters but for me it doesn't. Why not? Because my family let me down a long time ago. They never respect or accepted me the way I am. So why should their opinion count for me. But even if I would have a great family (I have my kids) I would not care about their opinion. Why not? It's my life. I have to admit again I don't deal with a problematic situation since my kids accept and respect my wishes. The only thing they want is that I feel happy no matter in what way. They never made remarks or gave their doubts. So I can only say the family I do have is great and supporting in every way.
• India
15 Nov 11
I guess when you love someone you just readily accept his family too. It is true that when a girl marries and goes to another family she has to adjust with the new environment. When there is love and understanding between the couple the things become really easy. It is nice to hear that you both are happily spending your life together. Good luck to both of you!
@fazril (71)
14 Nov 11
when you marriage,almost thing that your thinking it can be work smootf.maybe now you think it weird about them because you never spend whole time with more try to easy judge them.create a happy relationship
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
14 Nov 11
I guess it depends how close you will be living with them, I think if two people are in love they can just about overcome anything but it can be a struggle when it comes to family that makes things hard, I hope it works out for you.