November 16, 2011 9:43am CST
We have just recently moved into a small town in southwest Minnesota. Very nice town we thought to raise our kids, everyone looked out for each other and everyone knew everybody. Well as time past, we have come to find out that everyone in the town was related some way or another. My husband had tried to volunteer for the town's fire department but found out from another that they only take their family members. Another situation is we live next door to a very noisy, barking dark who doesn't stop barking all day long. And of course the pet owner is the town grocery store owner's son who is living with him. My husband felt as it wasn't his place to tell the guy, "hey your dog keeps barking". So it continued and finally he got fed up with it. It was to the point where our baby couldn't take a nap during the day nor we could fall asleep at night because it was barking so much. This pet owner was about my age, 24, and had no decency of taking care of this issue as in it was okay. My husband notify this issue to the owner politely and the owner was upset about it. Was it wrong to tell this guy the problem? Should we outsiders just stand aside and let these things happen?
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@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
16 Nov 11
If you live in a small community where everybody knows eachother and is accepting all kind behaviour from eachother you are, as a stranger, an intruder. It will be hard to join, be one of the group or make remarks about a barking dog. No matter if others find that dog annoying too, you are the only one complaining. I agree with you that you have rights too. To have a normal life, a right for nightrest and a right to say so if something is bothering you. In this community it's the question how to show it. At this moment the only thing I can think out is to try to get friends with the dog. Might sound odd but if you are able to approach that dog, feed it something, say friendly words to it while passing by. so it feels your company, he might change his behaviour. And if he dog change who knows the owner will also.
17 Nov 11
My husband actually plays with that dog too when they do let him out for play time. And he also told me a couple of nights where when it was storming out, lightening and all, the dog would be barking and my husband would go outside and let him out and let him know it was okay. I mean we have accepted that it wasn't the dog's fault, it's the owner. And we don't know how to or that it's okay for us to say something about the issue.