Can I add referrals with my family ID?

November 17, 2011 10:54pm CST
I wonder if I can add the referrals with my family ID. Can anyone give me an answer?
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@boyuancy (1709)
• India
18 Nov 11
If you are talking about mylot I guess you can (I am not sure) but other sites like microworkers only allow one account per PC. So if your family uses the same PC as you do then you can't.
@owlwings (40057)
• Cambridge, England
18 Nov 11
It's not quite clear what you are asking here. You can certainly ask family members to join MyLot as your referrals. Simply tell them to use this link: when they want to sign up. If they are using the same computer as you (or are on the same home network) or if you intend to use the same PayPal ID, you should both fill out the form here:
@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
18 Nov 11
i think it is a legal trcik. i know that more referral we have, it means more earnig. but find referral sometimes is so hard. so just ask your family to join the site, but always avoiding using one ip in order to get approval. one ip is just for making account
@wittynet (4131)
• Philippines
18 Nov 11
Hello, nonoyyh! I would just like to ask for a clarification. Are you pertaining to referrals here in myLot? What is this family ID? Is this a referral link?