How long should a relationship be maintained?

November 19, 2011 11:13am CST
I believe there are different types of relationships which need to be maintained for different durations. Example, I would like to maintain relationship with my family and my close freinds forever But with a person Who I met randomly and got into a discussion with him but soon realized how irritating he was, I would like to forget him ASAP.I would love to give my wrong contact no. if he would ask for it. Similarly a person who annoyed with me,fought with me with he being at fault ...I would never ever like to step into him again Thus u decide whether u want a long engagement or not.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
19 Nov 11
Ofcourse I decide if I go on with a relationship (no matter what kind of) and not the other person. I don't like to be with people I find annoying or a waste of time. I expect you find it hard to say or? Well we have (Sunday morning) a radioprogramm about this. The radiostation even has a cellphonenumber you are allowed to give to people you don't like but do ask for your number. Ofcourse they don't answer it so the caller can only leave a message behind (and yes the radiostation spends some time to let her listeners hear what these messages are). Remember that the longer you go on with a relationship the harder you will make it yourself to end it. Be honest and say: I don't like you! or You annoy me!
• India
19 Nov 11
You have to be completely insensitive to say :I don't like you! This might really difficult at times
19 Nov 11
I think if you find the real love there is no limit for relationship maintenance.
• India
19 Nov 11
very true
@markphil (285)
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
The relationship should always be maintained as much as possible forever. There is no exact time that you should maintain a relationship, as long as you love the person, you should always stay for him or her.
• India
20 Nov 11
If my love is true, then definitely will think of marrying her. I do not maintain any limit in my relationship. Yeah, if the guy fights with you for no reason and annoy you for anything then you must not care a bit about him. Finding true love is very difficult....