Nets in the sea to keep people safe

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
November 21, 2011 3:51am CST
I love to swim in the sea in hot countries. I adore snorkeling around coral reefs to see the colorful fish and the beautiful coral I find amazing. In my favorite city Sydney there are nets by some beaches to keep people safe from sharks. I went to Shark Bay there and knew I was safe because of the netting. In Queensland they have nets for different reasons: crocodiles and stinging box jellyfish. Does your country have nets in the sea to keep people safe? Which sea creatures have you seen in your lifetime so far? Do you like sea swimming? Have you ever tried snorkeling? Does a sea net make you feel safe?
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@albto_568 (1268)
• Costa Rica
13 Dec 11
This nets, can keep people safe, but, they are kind of dangerous for the marine life as well, since many animals, can be trapped in them, such as turtles, dolphins, even crocodiles, that may die, so, I am not so sure about it, besides, the problem with sharks, and jellyfishes are not that big here.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
25 Nov 11
I've seen some nets in the lakes around here. Last summer, me and the kids got into hiking around the many lakes here. After a long hike the kids would always like to jump in the water. They have nets around the beach to discourage the kids from going over the deep areas of the lake. Sometimes it would just be floating ropes on the water so the more advanced swimmers can go farther.
@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
22 Nov 11
I don't know of any nets here but I'm sure there are areas that have the, or have considered them. There have been some pretty nasty shark attacks in Florida over the last few years. I have heard they are coming closer inland in search of food. There are also jellyfish stings quite often during certain times if the year. I am deathlt afraid when I try to wade out over my waist. When I was little we had a family trip to the beach and my cousin was stung while all us children was playing in the ocean, His screams were terrifying and ever since then...I have issues with ocean try to get a little deeper every time I go...not working well so far to overcome my fear though.
@bhanusb (5709)
• India
22 Nov 11
Hi my friend maximas, I had never been to Australia. It is very fine that Australians care about the tourists safety. In Bangladesh the neighboring country of India has the longest beach of the world. It is Cox'sbazar sea beach. The beach is surrounded by hills. Bangladesh is a hot country. If you visit there I'm sure you will enjoy swimming in the sea. There is no fear of sharks or crocodiles.
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
22 Nov 11
I have swum in the Atlantic (brrr) and put my toes in the Pacific (even more BRRR) and put my toes in the Gulf, but wasn't in the position to swim at that time. The only sea creature I've seen, that I didn't pull out on a hook is the Portuguese Man-o-War that is like a slightly less deadly, Gulf of Mexico, version of the box jellyfish. I don't really like to swim in the ocean or even a lake. Heck, I don't even care to swim in Barton Springs Pool! I like to be able to see the bottom in a nice clean, chemical swimming pool. I'd rather smell like chemicals than the lake smell. And I don't have to worry about wild life!
@aimhrea (181)
• Philippines
21 Nov 11
i love snorkeling! despite my not being a good swimmer :P i haven't seen any netting of that kind here yet; though one time we went snorkeling in the Hundred Islands, the area deemed safe for snorkeling were sorta cordoned off with ropes and buoys. they even have a rope from platform to platform (where the boats let us off, imagine a mini floating base) and you can hang on to these ropes if you're too tired from swimming or scared about the waves.