Spending A Day With a Fictional Character

@hvedra (1623)
November 22, 2011 4:46am CST
If you could spend a day with a fictional character from a book, who would you choose? Would you go to a place featured in the book or would you show that character something of your world? What would you do together? What would you have for lunch? I get torn between the idea of Granny Weatherwax from the Discworld novels (I did briefly consider Nanny Ogg but I wouldn't be able to keep up!) or Vianne Rocher from Chocolat. I think Granny would be quite an experience and I'd probably learn more about myself than her! But I'd love Vianne to teach me how to make Chocolate. We'd have hot chocolate with chilli for lunch. Who would you choose?
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@celticeagle (115471)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Nov 11
A fictional character, huh? I would have to chose the character of my novel. Her name is Erin Jade and she is a gypsy and one who has many psychic gifts. She can help me to find what will happen to her in the book since i am having some trouble with that. She will be joined by all manner of animsls who will help her fight the protagonist. Wish I could tell you more but hopefully she will help me to finish it. My daughter read the Discworld series and loved each and every one.
• Calgary, Alberta
23 Nov 11
The Genie of the Lamp/Bottle from Alladin, I think you get what I mean, it can make my dreams come true. I want to be damn rich you know. The 7 dragonballs,I will summon the dragon and also ask for a wish. Iceman and Storm from X-men, I will ask them to stop the climate change... I will ask them to keep the artic frozen. Amaterasu- she is a Japanese Sun Goddess, who came down to earth to protect humans, repair nature and purify demons, she is a beautiful goddess who is in the guise of a white wolf, well I want her to bring back beauty to this earth.
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@boyuancy (1709)
• India
22 Nov 11
I would like to spend a day with The Alchemist's Alchemist. I would like him to make me all the gold that he possibly can.
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@beamer88 (4268)
• Philippines
22 Nov 11
Hmm, there are lots of fictional characters to choose from. But off the bat, I'm thinking about Hector, a character in the movie Troy based on Homer's The Iliad. And I'd go to that very time and place in the book or movie wherein he was going to do a duel with Achilles and prevent him from getting killed. He had A newborn son at that time and I just was moved by the thought that his son would grow up without a father. Achilles was the best warrior then, true, but he was a demigod and it was really an unfair fight.
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