Internet explorer criticized

November 22, 2011 8:43pm CST
I often see post that criticizes the browser internet explorer. I think it's one of the so-called cyber-bullying. There are times that this browser is so helpful. I even use it in my computer when I'm at work, but it's google chrome that's the best. I know it's a disadvantage for browsers to be slow in connection but I think Internet explorer should be given the chance to improve on its quality. What do you think?
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@mayur2j (98)
• India
24 Nov 11
Internet Explorer sucks man. They have just added tabs support thats their improvement and nothing else. Their browsing speed is so slow and even downloading speed is also very low. In comparison with Firefox or chrome IE doesn't stand anywhere. IE also doesn't have addons.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
24 Nov 11
Sighs..if people really want to use Internet Explorer, then good for them. However, I have given Internet Explorer more than enough chances to improve and in fact, I remember when it used to be a halfway decent browser. Not as good as many of the browsers of today, but rather competent enough. If anything else, with each passing version, Internet Explorer has gotten worse. It's not my fault that Internet Explorer has really gone down hill at a disturbing level since about 6 or maybe 7. 9 seems to have had the most moderate of improvements but Microsoft seems to think that they can get away with providing a substandard browser because it is packaged with Windows, which is the standard for most. In the end, all Microsoft Internet Explorer is, is the browser that people use to find other browsers. And I won't even get into how offended I am that criticism of an Internet browser is compared to a very serious issue in cyber bullying.
@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
24 Nov 11
If you like IE then use it .I don`t earn anything if i say i hate IE and i don`t want to force anyone to stop using it.It is just my opinion that IE is not the browser i need.I like to use Firefox with Noscript but that doesn`t mean everyone should use firefox .As long as there is competition and criticism on the browsers market we will all use better browsers.
@inedible (769)
• Singapore
24 Nov 11
You can't bully a product, mate. Cyberbullying is when people bully other people online. Criticising IE isn't a form of cyberbullying. Now, if people harassed and made personal attacks against the makers of IE, that might be considered cyberbullying. As for what I think about criticisms, like the previous poster said, criticisms are how developers can know which parts of a program aren't well-received. They can help devs decide what to add, change, or remove in later versions of the product.
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
23 Nov 11
i think criticize is different from cyber-bullying, cyber-bullying is often directed to a person, while internet explorer is a product, and sometimes when people use a product and didn't statisfied with the product, the they complain/criticize.. it's because of the critics the product can improve, if no one criticize them, how can they improve their quailty?
@belaaa (181)
23 Nov 11
With my connection Mozilla is faster. And also is easy to bookmark. But that make it best for me is Clear recent history - fast and easy! In internet explorer is too confusing.
@Orbit03 (43)
• Philippines
23 Nov 11
Internet Explorer has improved as always (e.g IE v9) but still, it was still outmatched by Chrome's flexibility, ease of access and speed. And also, Internet Explorer is old nowadays, overshadowed by other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.