I'm Scared of PTC Sites

What's the Best PTC site? - Making money online with PTC sites.
November 22, 2011 10:18pm CST
Most of my income now comes from writing for online content companies but though it's comfortable enough for my lifestyle, this hasn't really prevented me from looking for other means to earn money. I've been quite interested PTC sites since before but aside from my experience with Wordlinx, I still haven't gotten myself to explore other sites of the same make. Let me explain. I'm actually scared of sharing my Paypal with these PTC sites because for some reason they strike me as untrusthworthy. There are just too many of these sites out there and I'm not really sure which is legit and where should I begin. Can you give me some tips about which PTC sites (or other money making sites) are legit from *your* experience? Really would appreciate the help.
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