Have you ever gone for an International trip?

November 24, 2011 6:33am CST
With the holidays fast approaching, we are planning to go for an international trip to a nearby country. This would be my first experience overseas. Though my family members have visited few other countries, I have never made an international trip. How about you? Do you have an experience with an international trip?
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 11
I've been to few countries for my vacations. Each country that I went to have different experiences. Coming from a tropical country I did not quite like the cold weather in Australia and Hong Kong. I am not used to moving around in thick clothings and the winter always make me feel like there is no better place than home. I've been to Medan in Indonesia last August and will be going to the Philippines next month. I think the travelling bugs are pushing me to see more of the world.
@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
I haven't gone to an international trip. Though I really wanted to travel abroad. Hopefully I will after I graduate. Probably I won't if will be taking masters. I hope you will have a very nice experience with this international trip of yours. Enjoy and Have fun. Don't waste your time just lying in the hotel. Go outside and explore the beauty of the place that you are going to.
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
i've never gone for an international trip but every year, i make it to a point to go somewhere i've never been to. good thing about my country is that there are a lot of beautiful places and islands you can visit to.
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
I had just a couple of times, and it was also very exciting for me actually every time. My wife job sometimes requires her to go to another country, usually for 3-5 days, and my son and I tag along, not always though 'cause it's very expensive. But I've only gone to nearby Asian countries where visas aren't required. I really love visiting other countries. If we were very rich, I'd make it a point to visit as much as I can.
@ygna21 (294)
• Bulgaria
24 Nov 11
No,I haven't done that so far :( But I really hope I can make it next year because it has always been a dream of mine and will be so amazing if can come true!! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
@sjvg1976 (18403)
• Delhi, India
24 Nov 11
Hello Dreamhome, No i have never gone to any international trip in the past.My present organistaion asked me to go to one of their manufacturing unit in SHARJAH but i denied as they were not allowing my family to go along with me and it was a contract of 2 years. Though i would love to go to other countries and explore different people and their culture but money is the constraint as i don't want to spend my money to travell across the countries rather i would like to invest my money in some necessary things.