can this kind of person be a father?

@Leocen (178)
November 25, 2011 9:10am CST
I just watched TV about Li Yang's domestic violence.He is a successful man who has helped more 20 million chinese learn English with his books,tapes and stadium tours called 'crazy English', but he has accused of domestic violence by his US wife,bruised faces and knees pictures showing on the websites. From the tv, i remember his wife said he was always putting off the family-gethering time again and agian for his outside lectures.he promised but fail to take action. this will give a bad impact on his children. once you promised,you shouldn't take it as a joke.After he had done harm to his wife a week later that his wife showed the pictures on blog, he eventually apologized. i feel so surprised about his action. he must be abnormal in mental.he said he was seldom to be with his parents since he was a kid,he doesn't know any of the family thing,even giving a hug to his father would make him sick!he did't even had a normal childhood,a normal family,how could he be a good father? HE may not grew up in a normal family, but once he developed his own family,he should be responsible for your kids,learn to be good to wife,try to do at least, rather than make a domestic violence.
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@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
25 Nov 11
Do you believe what this guy, who is lecturing others, his lies? Even if you are not familiar with habits, if you did not had that great childhood you have eyes to observe. You can see how others are living, acting. I think a man like that should be locked up in prison. No kid needs a father like that.
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
25 Nov 11
Welcome to Mylot Leocen! Yours is a good topic Hmm... It is hard to really judge a person if he can really be a good father. Isnt it ironic that someone as successful as he could be a wife beater? Many times, we are amazed at successful people but these people have their weak or dark sides too.. It is no different from hilarious comedians who have shares of bitterness in their family life. Though some may become titans in their craft, they can also fall short when it comes to family.