What would you consider to be the greatest pc game ever created?

@ardieboi (195)
November 26, 2011 2:29am CST
The greatest game ever created for me would have to be Counter-Strike. I consider it to be the greatest because it lasted more than a decade already and it still is smoking cool to the new generation of kids. It has become legendary. Tournaments are still being played today in international scenes. The game will never die.
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@ceasar09 (442)
• Philippines
26 Nov 11
I think the best and greatest PC games created is World of Warcraft: Frozen Throne since for how many years it is always been played by everyone all around the world. Since it provides us to play customized maps and the one that is really played all around the world is DOTA(Defense of the Ancients). DOTA has been played all around the world and there is many international or local tournaments that has been made and played to see who is the best teams/ individuals in this game. The game is really addicting and needs teamwork and strategy to win against the opposite side. I think this will never end since Valve has created DOTA2 which is really make these games more popular because of improve graphics, animation and heroes.
@ardieboi (195)
• Philippines
26 Nov 11
DOTA is good too. Did dota come out first before CS?
• United States
13 Oct 13
The greatest PC game ever created would have to be Call of Duty. They created some of the most funniest and action thrillers there will ever be. Although many people might have different ideas, I say that is totally fine. Call of Duty is fun and you will enjoy playing it.
• South Africa
24 Mar 13
The original Doom game is the best game ever to be created it set the stage for gaming esspecially fps games. Doom wins by far hands down no contest done and done.
• Kochi, India
17 Jul 12
I don't play too many games.But I enjoyed playing Maxx payne.It had a bullet time kinda like adrenaline mod.But that game was too short,but had a good story.I like other Gta games also,4 and san andreas are very good.Can't wait for GTA 5.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
6 Feb 12
Warcraft is my favorite, a great game of many years ago. Maybe it wasn't that great in itself, by the time it lacked many graphical and playability features but instead it started a great series of games and was one of the pioneers of the RTS genre, and also was reinvented into WoW right now.
• India
5 Feb 12
Even i think the same. CS has been a game which has created a great name and fame in the gaming world. It is still the most played game over internet.
• Canada
17 Dec 11
In my opinion Counter-Strike is the greatest pc game ever. The game requires a lot of skill and communication to be good. Although its age may be decieving but the game is always populated. I recommend this game to all pc gamers. -Colin
@jhesse12 (25)
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
Counter-Strike is really a cool game. But for me the greatest pc game that is ever created would me Pinball,Minesweeper and Solitare. ahahaaha! ^^, because they are the only games that i can play during our class in computer laboratory. And come to think of it. Almost all of the Windows computer have a built-in games of this type. You don't even have to install it. ^^,
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
29 Nov 11
There are of course many many different games. Really amazing ! I don't know all the games available. I have never heard of Counter-Strike, for instance. For me Sper Mario Brothers is the greatest pc game ever, very challenging, very enjoyable. I started playing that more than ten years ago, and I still like playing that.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 11
I consider Defense of the Ancients (DotA) as the greatest PC game. Being introduced at 2003, and right now it's still insanely popular! Maybe the second best would be Solitaire.. Well, almost every Windows user have one in their computer. Popular enough, right?
@champoy186 (1638)
• Philippines
26 Nov 11
I like DOTA. I considered this as the best pc game ever created. It's full of fun! I got addicted to it. Because of DOTA, I was able to gain many friends. I think there are still tournaments for this all over the world. I would like to play this game again.