Boyfriend said you like an broncho.

November 28, 2011 8:53pm CST
My friend, a female, asked me questions that her boyfriend usually call her sweat hear, cute cat, honey, and one when they are takling about working and future plan, her boyfriend said she is like an broncho. It really troubled my friend. She is worring that her boy friend's amour-propre is hurt. I think that title "broncho" indicates that her boy friend think that she is an independent girl. And it will not infulence their relationship, right?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
29 Nov 11
Sorry but I can't understand why she is upsad about such a word. There are all kind of nicknames people give each other. They mostly have to do with a part of our character or attitude and sometimes they are an expression of our feelings for someone. Personally I can't say sweet heart is a great one or very original. I also think he is using these sweet words in a complete different context as when he is calling her "broncho" which has to do with the way she works! What will break this relationship is her making a big fuzz out of nothing. Something we women seem to be great at. Making a problem even starting a fight about nothing.
29 Nov 11
I do not understand your meaning completely but , may I ask you that is the boy chinese ???