Do you...

@csay34 (77)
United States
November 28, 2011 11:30pm CST
Do you believe in myths such as aliens, 2012, ghosts, ect?
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• United States
13 Mar 12
i belive in aliens
@dodo19 (34707)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
11 Dec 11
Well, I do believe in ghosts. And I've believed in ghosts for quite some time. However, I'm not sure if I believe in aliens, or the whole story about 2012.
@dollar3235 (2063)
• India
1 Dec 11
Yes, I do believe in Aliens at least and as far as 2012 is concerned, it will certainly be the next year on this planet.
@markphil (285)
• Philippines
29 Nov 11
When I was a child, I really believe these myths. However, when I reached the age of about fifteen, I have realized that they are all myths and no scientific proof that claims its credibility. The most important is they are still not happening now which means that we could still enjoy our life today.
• Malaysia
29 Nov 11
Why yes about ghosts! There are simply too many incidents involving them to ignore its just another prank. I also like in some mythical creatures and the lore behind it, tends to always stare at computer screen for hours just to satisfy myself with those wonderful lore! I also love legendary stories. But I am not so sure about the UFO sightings though, and certainly aliens. I do believe they exist SOMEWHERE in here...hehe just don't know where. About 2012, this one I doubt very much. The world ends in this date? lol I am still 18 by that time...OMG ITS NEXT YEARZ!!! Nah I don't believe in 2012, especially after I watched the movie....WE'RE GONNA DIE XD
@tessa9 (1085)
• Philippines
29 Nov 11
I do think that there are ghosts. I believe in that. I think that there are too many claims for it to be not true. I don't have to see one to believe in it. I am more skeptical about aliens though. I don't really have a position on it. I don't believe that the earth or world will be doomed on 2012. I just don't see it happening or find any reason that such thing will happen.
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
29 Nov 11
I believe in legends the way there is a lot of wisdom in it Myths can have that too but you need an eye for that. Aliesn is not a myth it's something completely different.. if you mean by alien other life somewhere (no matter in what shape or kind) I can't say it's impossible. No reason to think we are the only one in the universe. 2012? You mean if the new year will start? Yes why not. Ghosts? Has nothing to do with myths either.. ghost is a different word for soul/spirit to me.