Do you always attempt to make new friends?

United States
November 29, 2011 2:31pm CST
Today, I went on somewhat of a group field trip to see how other student councils served their schools and I actually learned a lot today! I'm lso now apart of the "You Matter" movement, which I really recommend you check out! The trip really introduced me to the group I went with as we aren't very close individuals. I made quite a new friends and multiple acquaintances and I'm very happy to admit I have some new buddies to point out and converse with t school! Instead of beind reclusive, I decided to inteact and communicate with people I've never thought twice about in my school year! Now I kno more guys and girls, and they know me now by my friendliness and outgoing personality! I think its a very good foot to get started on! So the question is my fellow myloters, do you always atempt to b friendly or make new friends in the mist of strangers? Or do you act solemn and reclusive?
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@GemmaR (8526)
1 Dec 11
I think that making friends is important, and those individuals with more friends are much more likely to be successful in their lives and also happier and less likely to suffer from depression or anything else like that. I am at university at the moment, and I have been trying to sit next to different people in lectures since I got back in September, because I realised that I had been sitting with the same people for two years, and there were probably a lot of amazing people who I simply hadn't had the chance to talk to yet.
@banta78 (4335)
• India
29 Nov 11
Yes and no. I like making news friends but am not looking out for them always. Being a spontaneous person, I go with the flow. If I have great time with someone, we have similar likes and outlook to life and I get positive vibes from that person, then I am inclined to make them my friend. But yes, I am happy being myself by myself. Labels really don't matter. I might become recluse one time yet an extrovert when right time comes. Also, there are various definitions of friends. If you friendly and enjoy each other company, you might just be casual friends. If you really good friends over period of time, you are loyal committed friends.
29 Nov 11
I act reclusive and solemn because I don't trust people easily. I think some seriousness is better than indifference. You could find some people who seem close to you but are you sure that you get real friends by participating this kind of activity?