nature doesn't fail to amaze me

@hotsummer (10466)
November 30, 2011 2:05am CST
nature is just amazing. i am just run out of words to describe the wonder of nature. it is something that man can't just replicate. what ever nature has can't just be replaced by any science. the beauty of the sunlight will never be replaced with our artificial lights. the beauty of the sunsent and sunrise are just too wonderful to see although we tend to forget how beautiful they are because we see them any way often.
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@hvedra (1623)
30 Nov 11
People forget to notice what is around them even though it is wonderful and awe inspiring. Just a close look at a normal tree will leave anybody going "wow", as will a look at the night sky or, well, most things really. Yet a lot of people will ignore this because it is commonplace or they've been conditioned to go "wow" at artificial things because someone wants to sell them something. Whether it's a weeping statue or a new car or some ridiculous "beauty" product or some other fake "miracle" thing.
• Philippines
7 Dec 11
It is common for people to take for granted what comes in and out of their daily lives regularly. We take it for granted that after the sunrise will be a good sunny day and that after the sunset will be night which will be good for resting after a hard day's work. So we complain if it rains the whole day after sunrise and if it is noisy after sunset. But hear how everyone appreciates it if these odd events are followed by the usual commonplace occurrences on the following day. It simply means that we love the way nature works day after day at its best times.