Garlic, The Raw Truth

@grace147 (223)
November 30, 2011 7:55pm CST
Raw garlic may prevent blood clots and control blood pressure, but most recipes call for cooked garlic. I have come across an article that scientist in US and Argentina have decided to look into the benefit of both. They try to heat the bulb several ways and found out that when baked or boiled for up to three minutes, its just as healthy as raw. Crushed garlic is even better for it retains some benefits when cooked for up to six minutes. Crushing seems to release more of the healthy thiosulfinates content on it. Microwaved garlic, however, neutralized garlic's anti clotting effects. On the other hand sauteed garlic also keeps its heart-healthy benefit. So my friends, the next time you are making a garlicky dish, add garlic near end of the cooking and crush it for more taste and benefit.
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@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
1 Dec 11
I've known for a while that garlic is good for the blood but little did I know that it works better when raw. That could be the reason why my grandma used to chew raw garlic. Thanks for the information grace147
@grace147 (223)
• Philippines
4 Dec 11
Your welcome jtj_hello :) My mom too tried to use raw garlic as her herbal medicine however we will just take extra cautious of having a raw since science evolves every now and then.. Take care and thanks for the insights.
@asliah (11149)
• Philippines
8 Dec 12
hi, before i really don't eat garlic especially the fried one because of the taste,but when i have been searched that garlic have many benefits in our health,i add many garlic sometimes crashed garlic to my dish,because eating garlic is a good anti oxidant and good for the heart too because it will control bad cholesterol in our body.
@sumatix (258)
• United Arab Emirates
6 Jan 12
if you want one good and tasty dish with raw crushed garlic here is mine: take boiled potatos mash them then add crushed garlic,salt,lemonjuice,chopped tomatoes,chopped onion,pepper,some chopped ginger and a dash of mustard oil and just mix it,,hmmmmmmmmm its so yummy and so handy with all the ingredients,.. try and let me know u liked it..
• China
11 Dec 11
In chinese recipes,people also pay attention to raw garlic.such as the dipping sauce of a small dish ,put a little vinegar,add a spoonful of raw garlic.then add some crushed red pepper sauce,which become it.
@Ollanna11 (372)
• United States
2 Dec 11
I use garlic occasionally. Its been about 20 years since I had raw garlic. It was given to me as a cold remedy mixed with honey as a child. I prefer to use onions to flavor a dish. I am going to start crushing the garlic before cooking. I don't care for eating it raw. No one talked about the strong odor that lingers, very unpleasant! I suggest no raw garlic before kissing unless your partner is a garlic fan as well.
@vijayanths (7878)
• India
1 Dec 11
The health benefits of garlic are enormous. It improves your immune system. It helps in controlling blood pressure. Raw garlic should be avoided if you have ulcers or other stomach disorders. Otherwise, it's a great stuff for any one.
@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
1 Dec 11
Natural things like that are very good for us, garlic, ginger and even cinnamon are very good for our health, I think we should really look into all these things and maybe a lot of people can come off medications that are not so good in the long term.
@yoyo1198 (3644)
• United States
1 Dec 11
I use garlic and onions in almost everything that I make. I slice it thinly or chopped finely in order to get the most 'garlic-y' taste. I do, however, cook it longer than 6 minutes. I also use it raw in green salads. Surely, somewhere along the way I've received the benefits.
• United States
1 Dec 11
In your article did it say anything about pickled garlic? I love pickled garlic. It is cold packed meaning the hot liquid is poured on clean uncooked garlic and then left to sit in the vinegar mix.