Are they worthy of trust?

December 2, 2011 7:36am CST
While working on PTC sites, I often come across ads asking people to know the secret of earning money online and in support of such claims, there are declarations of different individuals who have been benefited immensely by the proper application of that secret. Do you believe in such secrets? Are these ads meant only to tempt people to earn more and more and thereby causing them to fall a prey to their lust for money?
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2 Dec 11
There is no secret. There is no magic pill. It's all smoke and mirrors. The VAST majority of those people (probably well over 90%) are selling: 1. How to build an email list (old news) 2. How to make money blogging (old news) 3. How to do affiliate marketing (old news) 4. A scheme where you resell the scheme itself (unethical and old news) It's EXTREMELY rare for anyone to find a loophole or "secret" to making lots of money. It does happen but not often and - to be quite frank - by the time the person who found it is willing to share it, the opportunity's passed. They're just making money off reselling the idea because the idea itself no longer really works.
@vandana7 (69339)
• India
3 Dec 11
I agree.
@aerous (13468)
• Philippines
7 Dec 11
For me there is no such a secret in making money online. The only secret is patient and a learning process. They say about it but they never show you how. When you sign up under them they are secretly gone to nothing... Learning process is the secret, my friend. As you make money online...try to learn how other people make some good things online
@jadoixa (1171)
• Philippines
3 Dec 11
i also read a lot of that but i just ignore them..most of it can be scams....some of those testimonials from people could just be made up by them to make their programs come across as true to people so people will be attracted to it..we are not really sure which ones are real or not.
@louievill (20717)
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
I think if there was such a thing, they would keep it to themselves and make all the money. Put your self in their shoes, if you discovered something that generates a hundred to a thousand dollars income a day, would you sell it for 10 dollars or less to millions of people in the internet?
@Mashnn (4503)
2 Dec 11
I think only a few of them are genuine, others are just scams. Just be careful especially if you are told to pay some money.