I returned to Mylot after a year,what are the new stuffs in here? pls fill me in

@incus99 (1086)
December 2, 2011 8:41am CST
I got really busy for a year and have missed mylotting with friends for a year. Please fill me in on the new things in Mylot. What are the new awesome features? Are there cool ways to earn extra? What happened to cash gopher, is it still active? Thanks in advance for filling me in. It's great to back in Mylot.
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@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
4 Dec 11
well done to you after so long you still have a line that is impressive. I am here since nothing new has happened. Co won everything old ways are better. operator can be so that the population here is much more. I hope to resume their work here. nice day!
@Hazelme (649)
• United States
3 Dec 11
Welcome back to myLot! I don't know how could you leave this site LOL i find it very interesting and i don't think i can live without it L0L. :) We still post discussions and I have talked to some people that been here for years and have mentioned nothing has change. (:
@owlwings (40108)
• Cambridge, England
2 Dec 11
Nothing much new has happened in the last year. We still earn best by posting good quality content, doing tasks, uploading suitable and relevant photos (provided that we have permission or the right to use them) and by using the Search facility. Cash Gopher is still going (I currently get just a few cents a day from it) but for many, depending on their location, it seems not to be too remunerative. Our Admin, GoAskAlice, is here almost every day and, perhaps, one new thing is that we can now send a PM to him without needing to add him to our Friends list. You will find a lot of useful information by visiting his profile and reading many of the responses and comments he has made in discussions. I could suggest that you take time to refresh your knowledge of the Guidelines. I don't think that anything has been added or changed in a year but I can't be certain. It is always worth keeping them fresh in the mind, however.