importance of communication between you and your partner

@ritika02 (214)
December 5, 2011 4:17am CST
Hi, friends what do you think about the importance of communication between you and your partner. I notice that some couple having very little communication however i feel that communication is must and a pillar in your relationship, I love talk with my husband as he speaks too little but even than i always share my thoughts with him. Imagin if we do not communication how our life will be, too boring. RITIKA
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• Philippines
13 Dec 11
hi ritika, For me communication is really important in any relationships Because communicating is one of the way to express how you feel to each other. happy mylotting
@dpk262006 (56473)
• Delhi, India
13 Dec 11
Hi ritika! It is more than proved that a relationship will easily crumble when there is lack of communication between partners. Communication is the basic factor in strengthening a relationship. People sometimes fail to use their communication skills to the best of their ability and just fail to keep their relationship intact. You are right that without communicating with each other the life will get utterly boring and disgusting.
@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
My boyfriend and I don't fail to communicate each other. Everyday we are messaging each other and also calling. Indeed, communication is important in a relationship. Communication builds a strong relationship because you often contact each other and slowly by slowly you definitely know each other.
• Philippines
6 Dec 11
Communication is indeed important in a relationship. My relationship with my fiance has always been tough and challenging. We live in two different countries and our marriage had been postponed many times due to the nature of his job. We haven't seen each other personally for over a year, and it's been almost two months since the last time we talked. He was deployed in the middle east and stays in a remote area so he could not get online or use the phone to call me. It seems almost impossible to survive this situation, but as long as we have trust, love and faith, I believe we're gonna get through this. :)
@soulist (2987)
• United States
6 Dec 11
I think in order to make any relationship work you need to have communication. You need to be ipen and honesty with your partner and not hide anything. Communication should be the center most important part of the relationship.I talk with my boyfriend about anything and everything because we dont want anything to be "a secret".
@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
5 Dec 11
importance of communication is always a great need to communicate. communication should always be first because it is extremely important. I also like to communicate with my friend because it's always super simple things around us discuss things in life and everything you think. interesting discussion. nice day!
@srjac0902 (1170)
• Italy
5 Dec 11
It is very important to communicate. But in practice the communication can be a verbal communication or it can be through eye contact of facial expression. Some are introvert some are extrovert. Some like to declare and are eager to hear the declaration. Some show a lot of emotion and affec tion but do not show but they bear. Then if there is not mutual acceptance for eachother and respect the unique character of everyone, then there will be a contact. So it is ideal that no one will stick to his or her own ideal and impose that the partner should be like him or her. Knowing the personality and character of the partner, if love is genuine then must do some adjustment and satisfy the partner.