Why do people Smoke?

December 7, 2011 8:48am CST
We can see on the TV or even on the cigarette label itself that "Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health", but people still smoke cigarettes. Probably, they have problems why they smokes but there are so many things that you can do to solve your problems not just smoking. I have some ideas that comes out in my mind why the government did not ban the selling of cigarettes when in fact it damage the health of the person maybe because manufacturer of cigarettes paid a lot of taxes because of their income for cigarettes. It should not be like that, when you sell cigarette you are hastening the death of the person and the time they good spent on their families. They are too selfish. Cigarettes smokers are selfish because they're not only destroying themselves but more on the people who do not smoke. Second hand smoke is more harmful. Consider the loved ones you have in your house, if you smoke and they don't your are too selfish because you can give them or destroy their health. I don't like to see people on the authority smoke, they should be a good example to the people and their follower.I am sorry to those people who will be offended for this, but I have the right to speak out because I have the freedom of speech. I can't force you to quit smoking, it is still your decision. I just don't know the reason why people destroy their lives through smokiing.
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@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
15 Dec 11
As far as I know they do that to minimize cold when the weather is very cold and other than that I don't see any reason but vices...
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
7 Dec 11
Well some people will say because i have parents that smoke and i wanted to be cool and it looked cool . Well i have all those here and i never tried it i get caughing (ok this word i pronounce WRONG :D ) every time i get near smoke , so i dont think i can start them at all . But i dont find the problem in to the somking itself . The smoking in my country costs you like 300$ a month and you get 200$ paid from work and i dont get how people actually live like that 0.o
@1hopefulman (32473)
• Canada
7 Dec 11
Let's face it. Smoking is a stupid thing to do. How smart is it for one to put smoke in their lungs? So why did I smoke at one time? Because I imitated the adults around me. My older friends smoked. They smoked and so I copied them and eventually was addicted and could not stop. Eventually I fought the addiction and do not smoke anymore. That's my story!
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
7 Dec 11
They say that it is their way of releasing stress.Some of my friends really like to smoke,I try to convince them to stop but I doesn't work.
@Mashnn (4503)
7 Dec 11
That something that I will never understand why people do smoke. Smoking is the worst thing you can do to yourself. I just don't get it why start smoking in the first place.