ARE U afraid of your friends' leaving?

@Leocen (178)
December 12, 2011 3:02am CST
this friday,my best friend is about to leave.she is gonna join in the army given hard physical training.she has to be there for 2 years without coming home during the time.without cellphones and internet,we can just write letters and seldom she may use the public phone. i mean i'm a litttle afraid,we've been best friends since the second year in highschool,we met ,talked,exchanged feelings, shared experiences,it was epic.she knows me very well better than my parents,and so do i.when my world is going mad,she can turn it all around..though we have disagreements,but still a lot opinions in common,we like to talk,discuss,ect. now, i will have not seen her for 2 years,i know i'll miss her so much and i'm gonna spontaneously pick up her number and call,though with no answer. i'm gonna adapt a life without her being around,with just her letter words. ps:it's time for the finals, i'm busy preparing for six final exams, i wish myself and those who are preparing for the finals GOOD LUCK,and wish my friend lead a good life in the army...
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@ferbjohn69 (1129)
• Philippines
13 Dec 11
If your friendship is strong there is nothing to worry.:)She will surely not forget your friendship,and when the training is over she will knock at your door and will hug you again.:) I know it is sad because she will not be around for two years,but you just have to wait.Sometimes the wait make the friendship even stronger.:)
@dodo19 (33981)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
12 Dec 11
I'm not really afraid of that. I think that, so long as you gets keep in touch, then that's the important thing, and in a way, they haven't really left you. A good and true friend doesn't really leave you, even though there is physical distance between the two of you.
@Bluedoll (17050)
• Canada
12 Dec 11
Sad! We go down roads. Some we travel together Leocen and then we do part to go down another. You have to go down yours and her her way. She has made a choice to be in the army and it seems very isolating to me for 2 years without the internet. I would feel so different. They want her all for them self I guess. Do they say, "we are the army and we will make a man out of you?" Oh no. - laughing. Seriously, she may do well for herself but I am sure she will change too. We all do. You will too?
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
12 Dec 11
No I am not. A real friend will always stay (in touch) if not it's fine with me. My life doesn't depend on my friends or family being nearby but on me feeling happy and making myself happy. I also would never stay just because of a friend/family member if I could have a better life or better chances anywhere else. We all have to move on if not we don't live.
@SIMPLYD (84449)
• Philippines
12 Dec 11
People have to leave when they have to pursue some dreams or have to work already. What is good about it, is it's their way to grow and develop into better persons. When that happens, we can only wish them luck and await for their coming home, whenever they can.