What would you do?

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
December 13, 2011 11:37pm CST
I have an interesting question from the book I'm reading. If you live in a zombie post apocalypse land were the public protocol is to shoot the people who test positive before they convert (because they will become zombies and kill other people). But you magically discover that sometimes (2 in 10,000 people with a special condition) people recover. If someone you loved who had the special condition tested positive would you shoot them or would you believe that they were the special ones who who would get better? If your wrong, they convert and kill folks (who might not have ANY chance of recovery), keep in mind. I would like to think I would do the right thing and fire the bullet, but I don't know. I know I would want someone else to shoot me, because I wouldn't ever want to convert and become a zombie and hurt other people. The odds just wouldn't be in my favor. How about you? What would you do and why?
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@IAmNena (178)
• Philippines
8 Jun 12
Well that's a hard decision.If I come across in a situation like this it might take me a lot of time to make a decision, especially it involves the ones you love.
@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
27 Dec 11
I think instead of killing people before they convert, they should be confined in a comfortable, but secure place. Then only after they turn into zombies should they be killed. Not to mention, shooting a person is pretty inhumane to kill. There must be some other way to painlessly, and cleanly end their life. Anyway, if I were in that situation, I would do just what I said before -- I'd somehow confine them to an area. Maybe lock them in a room, or use handcuffs to hold them in place. There is always the possibility they could turn into a zombie, so I wouldn't just let them stay loose so they could potentially kill others.