how will you know that the person you love like you also?

December 15, 2011 1:49am CST
please help me?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
15 Dec 11
if you can't see it ask for it!
• United States
15 Dec 11
Yes! Use ur senses. Look, listen, touch and feel. Is your energy reciprocated? Do they seem happy to see u? When all else fails communicate. It is the biggest thing lacking in most relationships.
• Netherlands
18 Dec 11
not to forget to mention there is a big difference between liking someone and loving someone and be involved with that person/having a relationship also.
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
24 Dec 11
It's easy, ask them. Love needs to be opened and be talked about. If u are scare in professing your love for the person u love, what else can u be confident about? It doesn't matter to be rejected as there are no rules in love, and definitely no laws stating that the person u love, must love u as well. Besides, woman loves confident man and by confessing your feelings, that should bring u one step closer to her.
@jgirap (210)
• India
16 Dec 11
the way you know it is your love will praise you in front of other (good things only). your love will purposely message you and try to call you,and try to meet you more and more.
@janevi (889)
• Philippines
15 Dec 11
Let your love show vince. It is always proper to make the first move of letting her know your feelings toward her. Don't wait that she'll take the initiative because if even if she loves you, she will still keep it to herself. It is not becoming of a girl to do the first move especially if she is the conservative type. Do it gently without rushing. Just like a gentle breeze that caresses her face. Gentle and yet leaving a special experience of being loved.
@hgwyneth (120)
• Philippines
15 Dec 11
hmmm it's difficult to tell especially if he/she is a friend of yours. You might misinterpreted his/her kindness to you or the actions being shown to you. The best way for you to know is to tell how you feel. Whatever the response, be ready to take it. Just be true to yourself and to your feelings. Actions are not enough so better say it. OK?