...I let go...

December 15, 2011 7:20am CST
I'm having a bad three months. And it did affect my writing. Moments ago, I just rejected an assignment becuase it is draining the life out of me. I know I lost some potential to earn but I cannot take it anymore. The thing and its revision are making me cry to the point that I contemplated whether or not I should quit writing. Apparently, the client and I cannot see eye to eye what 'personal' in writing means. In defense of my editor, he did me some samples, but I cannot take another bad news so I let go, let go and let go. I am a good writer but I'm not a perfect one. I can only take a certain amount of understanding coupled with stress and limited perspective. I don't want to doubt myself pr blame the hand that feeds me but I think we can all live another day if one of us aren't not really up to it. I guess I should start writing for other people besides my current company. I don't want to quit but I think I know when there's already a lost cause. Hopefully, more assignments. shame that money don't fall from the sky like rain.
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@peavey (16876)
• United States
15 Dec 11
I think you were right to reject the assignment if you were so stressed about it. Writing is an art and one needs to be relaxed to do the best job. I take it you're not a freelancer, if you have to quit to work for someone else. You might want to think about that, but take your time making up your mind if it will work for you or not.
• Philippines
16 Dec 11
I am really sure about the quitting part - maybe I just need some space. After all, I love to write and I still want to do this even if sometimes, I think it's not exactly a practical job (meaning it doesn't cover all my bills). But there 's also that line of thought that I need new audiences so my creativity isn't stifled. Thanks for the advice.
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
16 Dec 11
Have you ever thought of running your own blog or write for a content farm? When you work for someone else there are going to be times when the client doesn't like your article or wants you to rewrite it again for some reason. I mean is a job, you are not the boss. No offense, but revisions or getting rejected is not a bad a thing. You should learn from your mistakes. If you really want to quit do so. You are the only who gets to decide that, not me.