Quilting...how do you stitch to assemble the quilt (top, batting, back)

@coffeebreak (17820)
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December 17, 2011 8:27pm CST
When the quilt top is done and batting and back are ready to be attached and quilted...how do you do the machine quilting? Or maybe I should say where? I know about Stitch in the Ditch but it seems to me that with the seams opened, there isn't much for the quilting stitches to hold on to, but the stitches holding the pieces together. Quilters also press seams to one side but then ...there is no "ditch" to quilt stitch in. So if you stitch on the seam that has the seams to one side...which side then do you stitch on..the one that has the seams or the one that doesn't? I know everyone has their favorite way of quilting but I'd like to hear the how and WHY's of how you quilt stitch your quilts. I am thinking of pressing the seams open and then using a wavey line kind of stitch that stitches on both sides.
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@jillhill (37384)
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19 Dec 11
I hand quilt mine when I do them. I just make my own designs too. SOmetimes its just a criss cross across the squares. I would love to maching quilt but mine don't turn out. I usually get some bubbles in it. The way you are going to do the open seam sounds interesting!
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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20 Dec 11
I guess I am the other way around...the thought of hand stitching...I"d probably not make them if I had to do it that way! Sorry Pilgrim ladies of the past! But machine isn't hard...just have to (as with any procedure) make sure everything lines up and is square and do a little at a time, work from the center out and small sections at a time. I am currently trying to desing one using the 2inch squares pieced together to make a 6 inch block..with 3 different fabrics....2 solid and 1 print! This is my first endeavor in this kind and so far...my problem.. no matter how careful I am...templates and rotary cutter included... I just can't seem to cut them perfectly square like htey show that they do on the quilting shows! And then the sewing them together...again...they zip them up on the shows but when I do it...they always turn out slightly off enough to not match up exactly!